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Do yourself a favour

I’m full on in my life and I love feeling at my optimal and find these help in a noticeable yet subtle way. Great addition to my lifestyle and i love giving them to my mum and dad as they age.

Do yourself a favour

I’m full on in my life and I love feeling at my optimal and find these help in a noticeable yet subtle way. Great addition to my lifestyle and i love giving them to my mum and dad as they age.

Organic Blue Lotus
Walt Nekrosius
Uplifting my morning

I love that this tea is just organic blue lotus flowers. I really feel that they provide an uplifting and balancing energy to my morning. Thank you so much!

Blue Lotus Meditation Oil
Steffi Stevenson

Love this natural messmerizing scent.

Loving it!

A week into my bundle pack and feeling great, can’t wait to share a little with my friends to try, thank u celestial team


Happy with this product and believe it will have long term effects for me in regards to my mental clarity

Feeling cool, calm and collected

Absolutely mind blowing. I have no more heart palpitations and anxiety.
I'm feeling clear in my intentions and happier.
Thank you

Blue lotus bliss bundle

What a beautiful bundle, the face oil is exquisite, the smell is amazing. As soon as I apply it to my face I cannot help but smile.
The blue lotus tea is amazing, it instantly relaxes me for a deep sleep.

Organic Blue Lotus
Corrin Harnett
Blue lotus tea

Loving my new blue lotus tea 🫶 bringing in soft awareness 💙 yet no over stimulation. So it's just perfect 👌 will be ordering more.

Blue Lotus Bliss Bundle
Shania Mulholland
Absolutely Love!!!

I have just started using the blue lotus face oil morning and night and I can already see the difference after only a week of using it. The blue lotus flower is relaxing after a stressful day and I'm still yet to try the meditation oil. So happy with my purchase 😇😇

Eternal Ankh Necklace
Inga Henderson
Most gorgeous necklace and my lucky charm

In love with my new necklace. In love with the oil and the tea …
Simply love you guys

Meditation Oil smells divine

I have been using the meditation oil daily since it arrived. The smell is divine and definitely fills me with a feeling of peace and calm. I would highly recommend this product!

Lovely and calming!

Such a nice addition to my day when I'm feeling overwhelmed :)


Really enjoying this product..Am 75 and very active and healthy didn't expect to actually FEEL the benefits of Limitless instantly but I did .
Bought 2 bottles sharing the second one..Thank you I love it..


These gorgeous oils are beautiful, and smell divine! The celestial oil turns a daily face care routine into a daily self care ritual. I’m looking forward to trying the tea.


I love my necklace! After a chain of events surrounding the arrival of my Ankh, it is certainly “offering protection, wisdom, and strength”. A beautiful piece to treasure and wear.

Limitless (Blue Lotus/Lion's Mane)

I work in the health industry. My job is very stressful whereby my cognitive function needs to be on point. After recently falling ill and having to take several days off work in a row, I was left with brain fog and fatigue. I bought Limitless about a week ago and have been able to get through that week at work, without any brain fog or fatigue.


Too early to tell if it's the "placebo affect" just yet, but I've definitely notice a difference in clarity since I've been taking the capsules.

Blue Lotus Bliss Bundle

Absolutely in awe of the oils and lotus flowers, has really made a big difference in my skincare routine as well the lotus flowers as before bed drink.
Feeling amazing. And my skin just lush

OMG Next level oil

I was sooo excited to receive my bundle of Celestial oil along with blue lotus tea and meditation oil.
The oil for the face is so unctuous,
it’s become a beauty ritual for me twice daily and I am incorporating a facial massage at the same time. If you’re going to use an oil this good your face deserves the works and it doesn’t take long to do the massage that gives your skin and facial muscles,
a double benefit along with the properties of the oil
I haven’t been this enthusiastic 🤩 about a face product in a long time.
My skin looks incredible after less than 2 weeks use , It’s pure magic 😊

Blue Lotus Lions Mane

Match made in Heaven - I noticed within only a few days of taking this the mental clarity I haven’t had in a long time.. I’m also not well at the moment yet still have plenty of energy to go about my day. I 100% rate this combo & will continue to use. Thank you Magic & Science 💗

Blue Lotus Meditation Oil

I absolutely adore the smell!! The roller ball though didn't roll so I removed it...but a couple of drops on each wrist n a dab behind my ears and feel relaxed and intune when next purchase will be the celestial as I would like to see the benefits of skin improvement at my age. Thankyou for fast shipping and beautiful service 💜

Celestial Oil

My celestial oil just arrived, and it is divine, I adore the smell and it is so soothing. I swear after one day I could see a difference. Thank you! I am 67 and my skin has been dehydrated and irritated like a fading autumn leaf. I don't even need makeup now, the oil feeds a healthy, soothed glow. Love it!!!

Celestial blue lotus and moringa oil

The Fragrances is divine the golden colour's are like beautiful sunshine the most delicate oil every drop absorbed nourishing and leaves a beautiful radiance and softness. All the loveliness housed in the perfect bottle. Well worth its weight in golden loveliness.

Blue Lotus Bliss Bundle
Alexandra Heyes
Celestial Oil - is like a drop of heavenly dew

The Celestrial Oil is so wonderful, I apply a few drops every night as by bedtime routine. The fragrance is so luxurious and calming - my partner even comments on it! I can’t be without this now!