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Blue Lotus Meditation Oil, women anointing with ancient egyptian oils oils, feeling at peace
Blue lotus meditation oil from kiss the earth, ancient Egyptian blue lotus hieroglyph text
Blue lotus meditation oil from kiss the earth, ancient Egyptian blue lotus hieroglyph text

Blue Lotus Meditation Oil

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New formulation with higher potency of Blue Lotus for a deeper connection

Our Blue Lotus Meditation Oil is the perfect companion for your meditation practice. This luxurious oil has been used for centuries to assist relaxation, calmness, and tranquility. Its natural scent and properties help to soothe the mind and body, allowing you to enter a deeper state of meditation. It brings a sense of euphoria and calmness to the senses.

Our Blue Lotus meditation oil roll on is made from a high percentage of Blue Lotus oil mixed with Moringa oil, making it extremely nourishing to the skin.  

Our oils are unrefined and free of chemical thinners, so naturally they might solidify in the cold wintery days. That is the best way to tell a high quality oil. 

Our Blue Lotus meditation oil smells divine and has many properties:  

  • It is uplifting
  • It can be calming and relaxing
  • It may activate the third eye and the crown chakra *
  • It can connect you to your higher self *

How to use it:  

  • Apply the roll on to your wrists, rub it and inhale it deeply
  • Apply some in your eyebrow centre during meditation
  • Apply it under your nostrils 
  • Use it as a perfume 

 Disclaimer*: These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Steffi Stevenson

Love this natural messmerizing scent.

Walt Nekrosius
Meditation Oil smells divine

I have been using the meditation oil daily since it arrived. The smell is divine and definitely fills me with a feeling of peace and calm. I would highly recommend this product!

Bex Ross
Blue Lotus Meditation Oil

I absolutely adore the smell!! The roller ball though didn't roll so I removed it...but a couple of drops on each wrist n a dab behind my ears and feel relaxed and intune when next purchase will be the celestial as I would like to see the benefits of skin improvement at my age. Thankyou for fast shipping and beautiful service 💜

Leonie Aekins
Blue Lotus Meditation Oil

This oil has a gentle sense of smell to use on body, use as a sleep relaxing calming uplifing & like to put on pulse points, she's beautiful.

Beautiful oil

The Blue Lotus is such a light divine fragrance, just perfect meditation, yoga or a fragrance in your handbag. Can’t wait to try the face oil next.