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GUA sha ritual for skin relaxation,
GUA sha ritual for skin relaxation, promote blood flow and collagen production
GUA sha ritual for skin relaxation, promote blood flow and collagen production
GUA sha ritual for skin relaxation, promote blood flow and collagen production
GUA sha lapis lazuli ritual for skin relaxation, promote blood flow and collagen production

Pure Indulgence Bundle

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(Includes 1x Celestial,  1x Lapis Gua Sha,  1x Blue lotus & Butterfly Pea Tea) 

Introducing "Pure Indulgence," a harmonious synergy of celestial luxury and ancient wisdom, combining the transformative powers of Celestial Blue Lotus & Moringa 24K Gold Leaf Infused Face Oil,  the Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha and Fountain of Youth Tea. 

Celestial, a lightweight and luxury face oil crafted with love in New Zealand, infuses your skin and soul with regenerative, nutrient-rich oils. This sacred ritual harnesses the high vibrations of Blue Lotus, the rejuvenating prowess of organic Moringa oil and the luxury radiance of 24K Gold Leaf, inspired by ancient Egyptian beauty traditions. Its deep-reaching nourishment diminishes fine lines, reduces inflammation, and leaves skin hydrated, offering a Divine glow. 

Gold is stardust, used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-aging ingredient in skincare for thousands of years. It reduces inflammation, minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and protects skin from free radical damage. 

Complementing this celestial experience is the Lapis Lazuli Gua Sha, a vessel of ancient wisdom guiding a skincare ritual beyond the surface. This tool, steeped in history, enhances circulation, reduces inflammation and puffiness, while fostering relaxation and tranquility. Inspired by the celestial energy of Lapis Lazuli, revered since ancient times, its vibrant blue hue symbolises higher vibrations, promoting intuition and spiritual growth.

This mesmerising fusion of Blue Lotus and Butterfly Pea enchants the senses, offering a tranquil escape with every sip. 

Crafted from the delicate Blue Lotus petals & whole flowers and the vibrant Butterfly Pea flowers, this blend presents a kaleidoscope of colours, transitioning from deep blue to a captivating purple when touched by a splash of citrus.

United in 'Indulgence,' these exquisite elements converge to create a transformative journey that harmonises skin nourishment with a profound soulful experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mary T.
Beautiful skincare

Love this so much, so nice knowing I’m using quality ingredients that feel amazing on my skin too. Totally recommend!!

Tony West
Heaven on Earth

As a guy I've never used face oil before and was always concerned that it would give me an oily complexion. What can I say, I'm now a total convert. This product is beyond amazing, my skin has never looked and felt so good and I look forward to my evening skincare ritual every day. I will be buying this product for the rest of my life! Thank you!

Sharnelle Lewis
Kissed with love

This is my second time purchasing this gorgeous product. I love everything about it and everything this company stands for. Thank you!! Xx

Pure magic

Absolutely wonderful! The best most used product I own today. I love it my face also, thank you. I will be purchasing time and time again.

Angelique Franklin (bird)
Heaven on Earth

I've got to say, Kiss the Earth, is a very appropriate name 4 these, delicious products 💋
I've been blending aromatherapy and herbs now, 4 many years, which I adore 🌺
Celestial Blue Lotus,&Moringa oil, (with added gold leaf) ✨(is now, my must have oil 4 my morning and evening ritual. Applying gently over my face and neck with the Lapis Cua Sha crystal love heart stone, is heavenly 💖
I normally wouldn't review any product, but these oils are definitely work a review
10 out of 10 for quility and luxury
She's a very happy bird 💃