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Forget What You Know About Lion's Mane - This Mix Changes Everything

Learn how this potent combo "primes" your brain to help it absorb the true benefits of Lion's Mane

"I’ve been taking Limitless for the past month and find myself able to easily accomplish 12-hour days. - Chris K"

You've likely tried Lion's Mane, hoping to experience its legendary brain-boosting benefits. Maybe you noticed some subtle improvements, a slight mental edge... but nothing groundbreaking. There's a reason for that – and a solution that turns Lion's Mane into the mind-altering powerhouse it was always meant to be.

The Secret: It's All About Priming Your Brain

Imagine your brain's neural pathways as a congested highway. Lion's Mane has incredible potential, but it can get stuck in traffic. The breakthrough comes from a surprising source, one revered by ancient civilisations: the sacred Blue Lotus flower.

Blue Lotus contains potent compounds that directly target your brain's communication network. It's like clearing out the mental gridlock, allowing information to flow at lightning speed. This 'priming' also enhances how your brain absorbs the regenerative power of Lion's Mane.

The ancient Egyptians understood this connection, and have regularly combined Blue Lotus and mushrooms for potent mental effects.

A World-First Combination

New Zealand health brand Kiss The Earth’s latest product Limitless is the world's first combination of Organic Blue Lotus 50x, Organic Lion's Mane (fruiting body and mycelium) in a single capsule.

Our brain is a magnificent network of billions of neurons, responsible for transmitting information throughout our body. These neurons communicate with each other through electrical impulses and chemical signals. The strength and efficiency of this communication are vital for our overall cognitive function, including memory, focus, and creativity.

The unique synergy of two superfoods: Blue Lotus and Lion's Mane amplifies their individual effects for a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


  • Blue Lotus (50x Extract)
  • Lion's Mane (Fruiting Body & Mycelium)

Active Compounds

  • Apomorphine, Nuciferine
  • Hericenones, Erinacines


  • Opens and widens neural pathways, boosts serotonin & dopamine for a fast mood lift
  • Triggers Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) production, regenerates brain cells for long-term power

The Neural Primer: Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus contains apomorphine and nuciferine, alkaloids that influence dopamine and serotonin signalling. These neurotransmitters are crucial for mood, motivation, and focus. By optimising these systems, Blue Lotus appears to "prime" neural pathways, increasing their responsiveness and preparing them for greater impact.

The Neurotrophic Amplifier: Lion's Mane This medicinal mushroom is rich in hericenones and erinacines, which stimulate the production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF is like a super-fertiliser for the brain, promoting new neuron growth (neurogenesis), neuronal health, and the brain's ability to rewire itself (neuroplasticity).

Limitless Results with Limitless

This potent formula delivers a comprehensive brain upgrade, empowering you to achieve the following:

  1. 1. Effortless Productivity: Banish brain fog for good. Limitless's combination of Blue Lotus and Lion's Mane enhances long-term brain health. This translates to a laser-sharp ability to cut through distractions, making complex tasks feel easier and work sessions fly by.
  2. 2. Learn with Ease: Whether you're studying for a big exam, tackling a new skill, or simply absorbing the daily influx of information, Limitless boosts your brain's ability to retain and recall knowledge.
  3. 3. Tap into Your Creative Potential: Blue Lotus widens your brain's communication network and Lion's Mane fosters new neural connections. Experience free-flowing inspiration, innovative problem-solving, and a wellspring of creative expression.
  4. 4. Grounded Presence: The world often feels chaotic, but with Limitless, you find inner peace. Blue Lotus works on your mood centres, and Lion's Mane builds stress resilience from the inside out. This leads to an unshakeable calm, where daily anxieties fade, and you face challenges with grounded clarity.

A Message From The Founders

Our journey with Limitless started with a simple question: What if we could push the boundaries of what we already loved about Blue Lotus? Could we amplify its brain-boosting benefits even further?

We discovered the power of pairing it with Lion's Mane, and the results have been life-changing: razor-sharp focus, a flow of new ideas, and an unshakeable feeling of calm.  We're so excited to share this formula with you. We hope Limitless helps you unlock that same boundless potential within yourself!

Nila & Matthew


Sharpen Your Edge With Limitless

This potent mix of Blue Lotus and Lion's Mane is like a mental upgrade you didn't know was possible. Get your brain boost here.

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